By-Law Review & Adherence

Will guide you through interpreting your by-laws and ensure that the board and unit owners are following the documents.

Contracting & Negotiating

Will review and discuss contracts with vendors (for example landscaping and snow removal). Negotiating rates and work included.


All records will be managed and stored by KP.

Financial Management

We will treat your funds like our own, making sure reserves are healthy and bills are getting paid in a timely manner.

Vendor Management

Will monitor quality of work by vendors, pay them timely for services and discuss any issues that arise.

24/7 Availability

KP has a 24/7 live answering service to address your calls, even when the office is not “open”. Emergency calls will be handled immediately, routine calls will be addressed within 24 hours.

Live answering service

Is it not always better to speak with someone directly instead of leaving a message on a machine.

Facilitate Meetings & Notifications

Your manager will attend all necessary meetings and will schedule and coordinate them. Unit owners will receive notification of when and where.

Solicit Bids

When necessary contracts will go out to bid for pricing or if a switch is needed. This will help ensure you are getting the best rate possible for the service(s).

Manage Delinquencies

We all fall behind sometimes, but the Association has difficulty running efficiently if there are delinquencies. We will do our best to keep this to a minimum and follow the process needed to collect the overdue funds.

Prepare Annual Budget

Each year the annual budget is presented to unit owners for approval. KP will draft this for board review before it is sent to the unit owners.

Collect common & other fees

Payments are sent directly to KP’s office and applied immediately to your account. If you have a questions about your balance we can answer it very quickly.

Process Accounts Payable

Invoices for work performed to be paid once reviewed and approved. Normal monthly invoices are paid timely.

Plan for Reserves & Capital improvements

Do you have an old roof, pavement falling apart, siding in trouble. KP will work with the Association to put a plan together for the replacement of these large items.

Distribute Meeting Minutes

Once meeting minutes have been approved they will be sent to unit owners for their review and record.

Reconcile Bank Accounts

Monthly bank statements are reviewed for accuracy and reconciled to ensure accounts are in order.

Coordinate Annual Tax Filing

CPA is engaged to process state and federal tax filings.

Project Management

  • Assess Association Needs
  • By-Law Reviews, Interpretation and Alterations
  • Document Specifications – send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Identify Vendors and Perform Background Checks
  • Gather Bids and Ensure Fair Bidding Practices Adhered To
  • Secure License and Insurance from Selected Vendor
  • Negotiate Agreement / Contract / Statement of Work
  • Prepare Funding Options
  • Prepare Plan and Present to Board of Directors and Unit Owners
  • Schedule Work
  • Communicate to Association Members
  • Manage and Establish Alternatives to Impacted Services
  • Oversee Project Work and Ensure Contract is Adhered to
  • Comply with local regulations, zoning, and historical governing bodies
  • Manage Accounts Receivables & Payables
  • Provide Status Reports
  • Create Operating Budgetary and Calendar Needs for Ongoing Maintenance

Reserve Studies and Capital Improvement Planning

  • Comprehensive reserve and capital planning customized for your Association
  • 10 year and 25-year outlooks to help identify the needs of your community and funding options
  • Prepare and Present information to all Unit Owners
  • Provide guidance for securing bank loans, invoking assessments or modifying condo fees