A Resale Package is needed in order to complete the sale of your unit. When you have a contract in place, please submit a request and our office will work on getting it completed. Requests are processed within 5-10 business days.

$135 all inclusive

Make checks payable to KP Management LLC

Email us at “email@kpmanagementllc.com” with any documents necessary for this request.

Resale Package Request

  • Addison Pond Homeowner Association
  • Applegate Homeowner Association
  • Baldwin Estates Condominium Association
  • Bidwell Commons
  • Bigelow Brook
  • Bucktown Hill
  • Butternut Knoll
  • Century Ridge
  • Chapins Corner Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Cornerstone
  • Country Meadow Estates
  • Country Squire II
  • Folly Brook
  • Highwood Manor
  • Horizon Hill
  • Miller Farms Homeowners Association, Inc.
  • Northwood Townhouses Condominium Association
  • Oakland Meadows
  • Old Mountain Village
  • Ridgecrest Condominiums
  • Riverside on Main Association, Inc.
  • Silver Lake of Berlin
  • Somerset Place (Commercial Condominium Association)
  • Spring Place
  • Summer Meadow
  • Sumnerbrook Mill
  • Towne House Lane
  • Tryon Farm Homeowner Association
  • Village @ Bidwell Landing
  • Village @ Colchester
  • Village Center
  • Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (AKA) Glen Lochen I
  • Williamsburg Condominium Association, Inc.
  • Willington Ridge
  • Willow Brook
  • Willow Green
  • Woodland Hills
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  • Pick up the package
  • Mail you the package (USPS), please put delivery address in the section below
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