KP Management, LLC
Project Management Services Offered

  • Assess Association Needs
  • By-Law Reviews, Interpretation and Alterations
  • Document Specifications – send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Identify Vendors and Perform Background Checks
  • Gather Bids and Ensure Fair Bidding Practices Adhered To
  • Secure License and Insurance from Selected Vendor
  • Negotiate Agreement / Contract / Statement of Work
  • Prepare Funding Options
  • Prepare Plan and Present to Board of Directors and Unit Owners
  • Schedule Work
  • Communicate to Association Members
  • Manage and Establish Alternatives to Impacted Services
  • Oversee Project Work and Ensure Contract is Adhered to
  • Comply with local regulations, zoning and historical governing bodies
  • Manage Accounts Receivables & Payables
  • Provide Status Reports

Create Operating Budgetary and Calendar Needs for Ongoing Maintenance

Education Series Offered


Protect Your Investment and Your Pocketbook Through HO6 Coverage

Ombudsman for State of CT

How to Deal with Difficult Boards and Unit Owners

Capital Improvement and Reserve Planning

Disaster Recovery

Prevention & Response

By-Law Revisions

Re-Writing or Updating

Managing Accounts Receivables

Delinquency & Foreclosure Policy

FHA Update

Expiration and Application Process


Notice Requirements, Roberts Rules of Order, Executive Session